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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile says a lot about you. Come to Atwell Dental Centre in Squamish for a smile that tells the world you’re happy and confident to be you.


If you want to change the look of your smile almost instantly, veneers may be for you! Thin porcelain strips that bond to your teeth, veneers are a great solution for teeth that are discoloured, chipped or cracked.

You could get a great new smile in as little as one appointment, so contact Atwell Dental Centre for more information or to book your appointment.


If your teeth could use a little boost in brightness, we offer you professional whitening treatments at Atwell Dental Centre that will make you, and your smile, shine. Coffee, tea, medicine and tobacco can darken your teeth, but you can improve your smile – and your self-confidence – with Professional Pola Whitening at Atwell Dental. If you prefer at-home treatments, we offer take-home Professional Whitening Kits to give you a gorgeous smile.

Contact our dental clinic for more information on Professional Whitening or to book a whitening consultation.


If your teeth have gaps, small chips/cracks or are slightly crooked, we offer you bonding techniques at Atwell Dental Centre that will restore the look of your smile quickly and comfortably in just one visit to our dental clinic. Bonded teeth have the look and feel of natural teeth and are a great option if you don’t want or need a lot of work done on your smile.

Contact Atwell Dental Centre if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

Mercury-Free Fillings and Crowns

Mercury (silver) fillings used to be a popular choice for tooth fillings, so if you have mercury fillings and are worried about metal toxicity or just want a more uniform smile, we offer you mercury-free fillings made out of quality materials that will blend perfectly with the colour of your teeth.

Contact our dental clinic if you have any questions or if you would like to book your mercury-free fillings appointment.